Nogginaut Sliders
Nogginaut's Sliders are perfect for linear arrays of presentation data. Time-lines, geographic topologies, and product line presentations are all great fits for the Nogginaut Slider product. Sliders are available in horizontal and vertical orientations.
Nogginaut Virtual Sight-seeing scopes
Nogginauts virtual sight-seeing scopes bring your content to life. Using a state-of-the-art 3d game engine in concert with a stereoscopic visioning system, Nogginaut's Virtual Sight-seeing scopes create an immersive virtual environment.
Software Development
Nogginaut can develop your applications on time and within your budget. Utilizing the latest software development techniques, Nogginaut can build your 2d or 3d applications. Our software will entertain your visitors, educate your audience, and promote your brand.
Hardware and Fabrication
Utilizing leading-edge computer numerical controlled (CNC) techniques, Nogginaut can bring your ideas to reality. Our mechanical engineering capabilities allow us to fabricate technology-enabled components that put the interface into the hands of your customers.