Dino Racer
An interactive exhibit for The McWane Science Center in Birmingham, Alabama called Dino Racer: Bike Escape from an Appalachiasaurus, in which museum guests mount recumbent bicycles and peddle for their lives as a 16 foot 3-D Dinosaur sprints for its' dinner.
Spyder Insulation Environment
Nogginaut developed this game for Johns Mansville's "Spyder" line of spray insulation. The exhibit increased floor traffic by 400% and won a 2006 Sizzle Award.
Nogginaut Virtual Guide
Utilizing infrared occlusion, a real-time 3D avatar reacts to people in a physical location. Rendered in a next gen 3d game engine, the main character mimics real life gestures and speech. A high-resolution infrared camera system tracks users as they move within the exhibit area. As users move, the avatar reacts by adjusting his speech and gestures.
Multitouch Interactive
The Nogginaut multi-touch systems can be used for table-top, wall, or floor based interactive exhibits.
Gillette Phenom Tour
The traveling video studio allows visitors to participate in your company's project by recording performances or messages which are then uploaded to a designated internet web site to be viewed by all. Created for the Gillette company's "Search for the Next Phenom" Tour.
Dino Safari
The Nogginaut Dino Safari utilizes a 3D game engine to similate a prehistoric landscape populated by various dinosaurs. This custom made hardware enables the visitor to use the simulator to capture the Dinosaur in the camera's viewfinder snapping a photo of the creature in action.
National Corvette Museum
Designed for the National Corvette Museum, the Pit-Crew Challenge is a simulated racing pit-stop. Visitors use an actual fire extinquisher, fuel can, and impact wrenches to interface a 3d game engine. A 3d rendered corvette races into the pit stop and visitors must complete multiple random tasks.
Ancient Peoples Interactive
The Ancient Americas is a new permanent exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum which features tabletop video games that invite visitors to explore and discover how simple innovations in daily life shaped the development of cultures in the pre-Columbian Americas.
Nogginaut Creative Sampler
Selected projects, designs, products and services from Nogginaut's client portfolio.
Geico Promotional Kiosk
The Geico promotional kiosks were a successfully trade show exhibit promoting Geico's insurance products.
Volkswagen Road Trip
The Volkswagen Road Trip interactive...
Volkswagen Sustainability
Volkswagen Sustainability...
Volkswagen Part's Quiz
The Volkswagen Part's Quiz...
Volkswagen Blog Station
The Volkswagen Blog Station...